Purchase minimum shares of aggregate price equal to twenty per cent (20%) of the anticipated purchase price up to $300,000; thirty per cent (30%) of the anticipated purchase price between $300,001 - $500,000, and hundred per cent (100%) of the anticipated purchase price above $500,000.
Members who own a housing unit through (a) conventional mortgage (b) any other Islamic financial scheme can transfer their house to IHC with the terms and conditions stipulated in IHC regulations.
If a member purchases more than minimum shares as described above, earlier he/she qualifies to purchase the house.
Length of membership in the Co-operative: Longer the period elapsed you became a member of the Co-operative higher you are on the waiting list.
Length of completing the occupancy form: An occupancy form contains information for the prospective property a member intends to purchase; the price, member’s total value of shares before signing the occupancy agreement, and anticipated time of intended purchase of the property.
Purchase Price of the housing Unit: lower the price of the house better chances to move up on the waiting list. The maximum funds IHC could allocate for the house purchase are $350,000.
Availability of funds at the time of purchase of housing unit: the sufficient amount of investment funds available with the Co-operative at the time to purchase a house for the potential home buyers quicker it be to meet the requests of members to purchase the house